How Many Of Your Employees Are Washing Their Hands After Using The Washrooms?

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Recent research disturbingly revealed that a shocking 1 in 3 employees don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. A large proportion of employees worry about their colleagues not washing their hands - and rightly so!!

This problem is known as a "sleeper problem", meaning it's a much bigger problem than people admit, or people do anything about.

With recent research unveiling the increasing problem in a lack of office cleaning and washroom cleaning in offices around Australia shockingly found that over half of Australian employees are unhappy with the hygiene in their office washrooms, and with this being a sleeper problem, it means that employees are uncomfortable in talking about it or broaching the subject with HR or their manager. It's also an issue where different cultures have a different understanding of hygiene practices in their workplace.

Introducing standard hygiene practices as outlined by governmental departments is just the beginning. A professional office cleaning service will bring proven benefits to employers, no matter the size of the workplace and how many employees you have.

Mrs Mop uses the latest in cutting edge technology to eliminate viruses and bugs and we can offer you a free in-office quote and demonstration whereby we arrive with our blacklight and can show you the hidden nasties that are lurking in areas in your office that you wouldn't have thought to have cleaned. Our free no obligation quote and blacklight technology demonstration isn't all we offer for new cutomers. We also offer a free initial deep clean when you sign up to a yearly contract. Call our team today to find out more 0243277053.