10 Signs You Need A House Cleaner!

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We've all felt a little under pressure at times to keep on top of the household chores along with, well, everything else that life throws at us. Here are some signs you need a house cleaner to clean your home. Because sometimes that glass of wine is waaaaay more appealing than that pile of laundry.

1 - That pile of dishes in the sink.

Why can't dishwashers wash certain pots, pans, glasses and the household cat? If you're like me and you use the excuse of "the pan needs to soak overnight", and hoping that the other half will pick it up and wash it the next day when there's actually more chance of George Clooney walking through the door to take you on a date, then you need a house cleaner.

2 - Your socks serve as sweeping brushes.

On the rare occasion you take your shoes off at the door, your socks end up caked in dirt, dog hair and food particles. No wonder your washing machine has to work so hard. Call Mrs Mop to vacuum, mop and polish those floors for you.

3 - The pile of never ending washing.

On the subject of socks - add in trousers, shirts, shorts, skirts, bras and sand filled beach towels and you've got yourself an endless washing pile. If it's been years since you saw the bottom of that washing basket give us a call. One of our friendly team will be happy to help you! Did you know that if you leave your washing wet in the washing machine it begins to harbour and grow unhealthy bacteria after just 20 minutes?

4 - What is "me time?!"

If you're asking this, you need Mrs Mop!! Me time is when you spend time on you. Take a bath (in a clean bath tub), paint your toe nails, go for a massage. Get back a minimum of 3 hours a week to spend on you, or you could choose to spend it on.....

5 - Family Time

When did you last go out together as a family and not worry about the housework at home? Spend more time doing the things you love and making memories rather than making beds.

6 - You always think you can get "one more week" out of the bed sheets.

Beds are one of those difficult to manoeuvre household chores. It's not too bad taking it off and putting it in the wash, but getting it out, finding the scrunched up pillow cases that wrangle their way into the corners of the duvet, and then putting it back on can almost be described as a magic trick. We have the know how and skills to make beds perfectly (hint: turn the cover inside out, hold the corners of the duvet, then shake over and button up (you're welcome!)). If you're not changing your sheets at least once a week it's a sure sign you need a house cleaner.

7 - Your shower glass looks frosted. But it's not. That's just scum build up.

The one thing that gets washed with water on a daily basis is one of the dirtiest places in the whole house! Throw in soaps, shampoos, body hair, lotions and potions and you've got yourself a bacteria harbouring unsanitary shower place. Turn the unsanitary back into a sanctuary and get our cleaning experts in to do a bathroom clean for you. You won't be disappointed!

8 - Your windows are a pane in the glass

In between sticky childrens fingers, the salt, sand, dirt and city grime build up and the slobbery family dog you're in desperate need of window cleaning. Our expert team will clean the panes, tracks, frames and sills so that you can sit back and laugh everytime someone walks into them.

9 - Your oven needs some l'oven

Your oven is one of the most used and abused appliances you own - along with the washing machine, dishwasher and tv - and hasnt had a good scrub in months. Those blackened grills and trays were once shining silver and there's unidenitifiable charcoaled food stuffs that spilt over and congealed on the bottom. It's time to get an oven clean so call Mrs Mop and take advantage of our oven cleaning experts.

10 - You've not only never cleaned these, but you never even ascertained the notion.

The light switches

The power points

The door handles

The tiled areas behind the toilets

Your homes entryway

Your computer mouse

Your phone handles

FYI, these are some of the most neglected areas, yet harbour the most bacteria and harmful viruses.

If you're ticking at least two of these boxes, give Mrs Mop a call to find out how we can help you with your house cleaning. (02)43277053

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