What Types of People Hire Cleaners?!

It's a few times a week that we get a phone call from people screaming "HELP!"

After doing this job for so long we realise that it's a few certain "categories" of people who need the most help, and who so often hire our services. Whether they're calling for a once off residential clean or regular cleaning, these are the folks we hear the most pleas from:

Which one are you in??????

The Dual Income Family:

You're both working full time, you both want to come home after a long hard day and put your feet up. Weekends are spent doing cleaning, washing, and those mundane household chores. You end up in yet another argument with your partner about whose turn it is to cook dinner, whose turn it is to feed the dog and whose turn it is to vacuum the floors. Regardless of whether you have kids, are LGBTQ or are two people in a new relationship in this situation, you want to be able to go out together on the weekend, enjoy date night, and not nit pick over whose turn it is to do what!

The Nuclear Family:

The dad goes to work, the mum stays at home with the 2.4 kids and the family dog is a blonde shaggy haired labradoodle. To everyone on the outside it looks like you have it all, but behind those closed doors the same arguments happen..... the mum offloads the kids to dad as soon as he steps through the door with his tie loosened so that she can have her first shower in three days. The dad asks why there are dirty dishes in the sink because the mum has "had it easy" at home all day which makes her want to throw him outside with the dog, and all you both want to do is go to bed. But you still have to empty the bins, you still have to put the clothes away and that shower hasn't been scrubbed in four weeks!

The Retired Folk:

You've worked your whole life, the kids have left home and offload their delightful little sprogs on a sporadic basis, and you get to give them back (yay). You enjoy walks, bingo, have downsized and have an ailing hip/back/arm which means you cannot get down on your knees to scrub anymore (although dancing the waltz after a sherry is ok). Why not enjoy a little luxury and get yourself a cleaner? Plus they get to sit down with you after and have a cuppa whilst listening to your stories about the war. A perfect few hours out of your busy social schedule!

The Singletons:

Whether you're a single mum and it's all getting too much to handle: your living room looks more like a toy store and the bathroom is filled with plastic bath toys and garishly coloured steps that enable the little ones to climb up on and get more toothpaste in the sink than they've had in their mouths for the whole year, or: you're a dashing bachelor that has waaaay better things to do on the weekend than clean, however, when your mum or friends come over you don't want them to be faced with the carpet of fuzz that you clippered from your chest just this week and you want to be able to offer them a beer without them opening your fridge and being faced with an unidentifiable mouldy food thing. We've got your backs!

The Shared House:

The scariest of all houses. There's no cleaning roster, there's no sleep roster, most are usually studying some form of educational course and milk in the fridge has sticky notes on it declaring it's "Johns". A few dollars a week from each bedroom to keep the communal areas tidy is a godsend to these busy social butterflys, because who wants to clean with a hangover?