The 5 Common Mistakes You're Probably Making When Cleaning Your Home - and how to overcome them.

If you can't afford a regular house cleaner, then maybe, just maybe, we can help you out by pointing out some common cleaning mistakes we see people make allllll the time! This means that you hopefully won't be making these yourself! Take note, take heed and God speed with your marigolds.

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You don't need separate cleaners such as all purpose, mould remover, kitchen cleaner, grout cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner etc. etc. These multitude of products are there to just confuzzle you! In between your cleaners visits, for a great solution to all of these products, mix 20ml vinegar with 5ml eucalyptus oil. It works for all surfaces, as a sanitizer and freshener, is a great mould remover, and can safely be used on all floor surfaces, including food preparation surfaces.


Do you know to not use scourers on your stainless steel?

Did you know that spraying bleach can cause airborne particles to infiltrate your lungs?

Do you know not to wash your windows on a sunny day?

Did you know your skin is permeable so you should always wear gloves?

Do you know you're supposed to stack your cutlery in different ways so your spoons don't end up, er, spooning?!

Getting a professional cleaning service means you don't have to worry about these things and can sit back, relax, and enjoy your clean house (at least until the kids come home).


I know, I know, this takes time to read the instructions and sometimes a bigger effort to even understand them. But, a lot of money goes into the research and development of cleaning products with some of the worlds top scientists testing and re-testing before they perfect the usage, dosage, and balance. Some products are designed to be sprayed onto cloths rather than directly onto surfaces. Some oven cleaners are heat activated so need the oven switched on to work. Some will only work on certain surfaces and some may, for example, tarnish your stainless steel or rot your wood.

Always, always, ensure you read the instructions on your products. Or call us for information. We're a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to lend a helping hand.


There's no point in cleaning using a cloth or sponge that has sat in your sink all day. Bacteria will have grown and using this to clean your kitchen benches can be more unsanitary than eating your dinner off your toilet seat - eeeeew. To sanitize sponges, just zap them whilst wet for 2 minutes in the microwave to kill off all those germs. On the subject of toilets, make sure the toilet brush fully dries before putting it back in it's holder.


Did you know that only 7% of households now follow the traditional nuclear family with the working dad, stay at home mum and 2.4 kids? Whatever your family situation, working whilst also cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, washing dishes, walking the dog, folding washing, paying bills etc. etc. etc. can lead to frustrations and burn out. You don't have to be Superwoman or Superman! Let us give you back a minimum of 2-3 hours a week or fortnight so you can spend precious time with your family and do fun things liks go to the beach, or go for a nice meal.........unless you really like cleaning, in which case, call us as we would love to give you a job!!!