Commercial Cleaning

Our Commercial cleaning team are fully trained and equipped for all types of commercial cleans.  We specialise in offices, gyms, preschools, schools, end of builds, medical cleaning and real estate cleaning.  Our state of the art ultraviolet blacklight technology ensures we are a cut above the other cleaning companies and offer superior quality and a germ free environment.  We don't just get rid of the mess you can see with the naked eye, we use science to seek out the invisible bugs and permanently extinguish 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from MRSA to body fluids and everything in between.  We do regular audits on your cleans and geo-locate our staff using the latest in rostering software so we know where our cleaners are in your facilities at any time.  We know how important it is to keep your staff and clients safe through correct hygiene practices, and we pride ourselves on our superior cleaning, our top rated management and our ability to keep one step ahead of any competition and utilise the latest technologies so that you know you're in the best hands.

Modern Office

Office Cleaning

Our trained, insured, uniformed staff will clean your offices, lunch areas, restrooms, entrances and hallways.  We draw you up a fully customisable cleaning schedule that is as unique as your business.  Everything is drawn up by management in your personalised cleaning schedule from the windows to the skirting boards, wall washing to the inside of your fridge.  We use the latest in ultraviolet blacklight technology to clean areas such as light switches and door handles, computer mouse and computer keyboards.  Our out of hours service means you'll arrive to a freshly cleaned office and won't be disturbed whilst at work whilst also ensuring that your staff take less sick days.  Our regular audits and geo-locating software means you can always be assured of your clean and can work on what really matters - your business.

In the Classroom

Preschool Kindergarten and School Cleaning

The cleanliness of your educational facility directly represents the level of excellence and professionalism of your school.  A sanitary environment is critical for students to have a healthy and functional learning environment, and to make a good impression to parents of prospective students.  Our school and preschool cleaning staff have an Australian Federal Police Check Clearance and a current Working With Children Check.  We use blacklight ultraviolet technology to seek out any harmful viruses and bacteria that children are well known for picking up and spreading.  We can also seek out any urine stains or other bodily fluids not seen by the naked eye to ensure the cleanliness and safety of those children in your care.  We can use the latest technologies and advancements in cleaning chemicals to ensure that we not only seek out the bugs, but we can remove them and keep them away in a safe, environmentally friendly way.


End Of Build Cleaning

We know how much builders dust can spread into every crevice and the final presentation of the property to your client is of the utmost importance.  We will clean your new build or renovated project to make it sparkle for your clients.  We will wipe down walls, remove grout residue, clean the internals of cabinetry, clean the windows, remove all dust and help you to present the property to it's best potential.  Whether you've just renovated your bathroom or you've built an apartment block, we have the resources to polish and sparkle your property efficiently, affordably and professionally.

Hospital Corridor

Medical Cleaning

Whether you're a dentist, doctor, surgeon, hospital, optometrist, chiropractor, small surgery or super clinic, our highly trained cleaning staff know how to keep your patients safe whilst presenting your business at its best.  From the initial entryway to the surgical room, we know the importance of not only making your busines look clean, but we use the latest in uv blacklight technology to seek out harmful viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids with UVA light and kill them with UVC light and chemicals to protect your patients and your staff.  We follow ADA (Australian Dental Association) and NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.  Your fully tailored cleaning schedule means you can get on with the most important task of looking after your patients and your business.

Makeup Store

Shop Cleaning

The presentation of your business when you're selling products from it is of the utmost importance.  A messy, cluttered shop and desk will immediately put your client off.  We can help you wow your clients with a clean and inviting entryway, a germ free waiting area and a sanitary restroom.  A clean environment also means less staff sick days and higher productivity.  It's a little investment that can go a long way.

Wooden Floor

Real Estate Cleaning

We work with real estates to not only clean their holiday rental properties and long term rental properties, but also offer an amazing never before seen vendors package to unlock more revenue in their houses - meaning more commission for you.  We offer a detailing package that is buy-now-pay-later and has never been offered by any other cleaning company before.  We can help your vendors unlock an extra $30,000-$150,000 in equity with detailing, de-cluttering, subtle scenting and proper presentation.  Email us for a brochure today.

Beautiful Spa Pool

Special Offers

  1. Get a free initial deep clean when you sign up to a yearly contract.  We want to get your place of business looking the best it can - for FREE!!  We will then draw up your specifically tailored cleaning plan so that you receive a consistently superior service.

  2. Get a free consultation and free quote using the latest in blacklight ultraviolet technology so that you can see the areas your current cleaner is missing.


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